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Infiltrate therapy consists of injecting drugs (usually corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid) into the joints and / or soft tissues per joint.

Through infiltration it is possible to obtain maximum effectiveness with a local treatment and with few or minimal systemic effects.

The main indication is to treat pain and inflammation and improve functionality.

Intra-articular infiltrations of the hip are always performed under ultrasound guidance (ultrasound-guided infiltration of the hip), this guarantees the efficacy and safety of the treatment.


Oxygen-ozone therapy is a medical treatment that is based on the use of a mixture of ozone gas mixed in small percentages with medical oxygen and administered to the body in adequate quantities. Depending on the pathology to be treated, the oxygen-ozone administration takes place in various ways:

– TOPICAL PATH THROUGH BAGS : used for the upper and lower limbs. It consists of inserting the part of the injured limb in a special plastic bag made suitably watertight and introducing the oxygen-ozone mixture inside it through a special tube. This allows for rapid detention and sterilization of the ulcer.

– PARAVERTEBRAL INTRAMUSCULAR INFILTRATION : indicated in patients suffering from chronic muscle pain and in radiculopathies caused by hernias or disc protrusions.

-SUBCUTANEOUS INFILTRATION : used in circulatory problems, in those of an aesthetic type and in radiculopathies.



Focal shock waves represent a non-invasive therapeutic medical procedure capable of specifically eliminating painful chronic pathological changes affecting tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles and bones. They are also able to induce the absorption of calcifications.

It is a non-invasive method and practically free of risks or significant side effects. Focal shock wave therapy represents a private healthcare service that is offered only by a few specialized and qualified centers.


It is an infiltrate technique used to relieve pain affecting joints, muscles and bones in both acute and chronic phases.

It consists of multiple micro-injections with thin and short needles of a mix of drugs in the medium-deep layer of the dermis; it is poorly vascularized therefore the systemic absorption of drugs is delayed and they are therefore able to spread slowly, producing a more effective action than a topical application.

The result is the formation of multiple micro-puffs which disappear within 5/7 days.


The objective of the physiatric examination is to “re-qualify”, that is, to restore to the person the physical abilities lost due to an acute or chronic illness.

Through the clinical evaluation and on the basis of the exams already performed, the physiatrist is able to evaluate the various problems of the person, formulate the correct diagnosis and propose more suitable treatments to reduce pain and to improve the condition of disability that these pathologies produce in the person.


Through an accurate postural analysis, the physiatrist examines objectively from the feet to the head, all the positions that the various body segments spontaneously assume in space to counteract the force of gravity.



PRP stands for “platelet rich plasma”. It is a medical treatment in which an autologous blood product is used, that is, it is obtained from the patient’s own blood, consisting of plasma with a concentrate of platelets.

Platelets contain growth factors that can stimulate tissue regeneration, facilitate the healing processes of damaged tissues, reduce or eliminate pain or inflammation.

The PRP is widely used in the orthopedic, physical, aesthetic, trichology fields. It has a high anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving power, stimulates the natural healing process promoting the regeneration of the skin, tendons, muscles, ligaments and articular cartilages.

Stimulates the production of collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid by fibroblasts and gives the skin a more toned and smoother appearance.

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