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Oxygen ozone therapy

Oxygen-ozone therapy is a medical treatment that is based on the use of a mixture of ozone gas mixed in small percentages with medical oxygen and administered >>

Eco-guided physiotherapy

The ultrasound-guided physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that deals with evaluating the rehabilitation path of a patient during physiotherapy >>

Manual therapy

Manual therapy groups all the methods that in physiotherapy involve the use / use of the therapist’s hands to treat and prevent various soft tissue diseases >>

Postural evaluations

Through an accurate postural analysis, the physiatrist examines objectively from the feet to the head, all the positions that the various body segments spontaneously assume in the >>

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a particular type of massage practiced in areas of the body with an excessive reduction of lymphatic circulation and a stagnation >>

Pelvic floor rehabilitation

The pelvic floor is a very strong ally for one’s health, in particular for all those functions related to the urinary and reproductive system. It is made up of a set of muscles >>


Kinesiotaping is an elastic adhesive that supports the joints and muscles, both on a preventive and therapeutic-rehabilitative level. It aims to reduce >>

Orthopedic re-education

Orthopedic rehabilitation mainly deals with the recovery of functional motor skills, traumatic (fractures, sprains, dislocations); inflammatory (tendonitis, bursitis); generative pathologies >>

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