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Frequent questions

What does the physiotherapist do?

The physiotherapist is an expert in movement and function, so he is not limited to just treating sick people. Much of a physical therapist's program is aimed at preventing injury, loss of movement, and even surgery. Physiotherapists work as consultants in industrial settings to improve workplace design and reduce the risk of workers overusing certain muscles or developing lower back pain. They also provide services to athletes at all levels to screen for potential problems and establish preventative exercise programs.
The cornerstones of Physiotherapy treatment are therapeutic exercise and functional training. In addition to "hands-on" assistance, physiotherapists also educate patients to take care of themselves and perform certain exercises on their own. Depending on a patient's particular needs, physiotherapists can also "mobilize" a joint (ie perform certain types of movements at the end of one's range of motion) or massage a muscle to promote movement and correct function. Physiotherapists also use methods such as ultrasound (high-frequency waves to produce heat), hot packs, and ice.

How long does a physiotherapy session last?
Most physiotherapy sessions typically last between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the nature of the condition and the activities involved. The secretariat will inform you of the expected duration of the scheduled session.
What should I wear for a physiotherapy session?
When attending a physiotherapy session, you should aim to wear clothes that make you feel as comfortable as possible. Since your session can include stretching and moderate exercise, it's best to dress like you're going to the gym. Some clothing suggestions include baggy shirts, tank tops, shorts, and pants that rise above the knee if there are injuries to reveal. Wear appropriate footwear, such as sneakers, rather than sandals or high heels, which make the exercise more challenging.
Will it hurt?
Physiotherapy is a safe practice and shouldn't hurt. It's important to remember that because you'll be using parts of your body that are injured or have chronic pain, physical therapy can be challenging. There is a chance that you may feel sore after stretching or a deep tissue massage.
How long will it take?
Each person is unique and each problem is unique. Some of our clients eliminate pain and restore their function in 2 to 3 weeks. Some problems take 6 to 8 weeks. Unfortunately, some can take a few months, and in rare cases, longer. Treatment should only be continued if it is helping. If our treatment plan isn't helping, it should be changed.
How much will it cost?
The cost is based on the total number of treatments required. Our goal is always to provide the best solutions in the most efficient way possible both in terms of money and time. If the treatment doesn't work, you need to change your plan.