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Dr. Charline Altabella

Physiotherapist enrolled in the register of physiotherapists number 480

I graduated in physiotherapy in 2010 at the University of Medicine and Surgery of Modena and Reggio Emilia. From the first year I understood what my greatest interest was within this universe called physiotherapy; above all thanks to my professor and degree course president Adriano Ferrari, esteemed child physiatrist, head of the third level child neuropsychiatry service of the Santa Maria Nuova hospital in Reggio Emilia. So I decided to undertake her 1st level master’s degree in child rehabilitation and research methodology from 2015 to 2017; after having acquired 5 years of different work experiences.

Thanks to my origins, I was able to work and study in France where I expanded my knowledge on pelvic floor rehabilitation. This consists in preventing, treating and restoring lesions / dysfunctions of the uro-genital system by reducing the classic symptoms of incontinence, pelvic pain, etc.

In Italy I worked in nursing homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals. I was able to get to know both the national health system and the private agreement. I have therefore worked with neurological, orthopedic, respiratory, cardiological and pediatric patients. Continuing medical education is a duty for healthcare personnel, in fact, it is necessary to train, update, do research. The world of physiotherapy is constantly evolving and that is why since graduation I have continued to update myself with conferences, courses and workshops.

Among the most important, the manual therapy course according to the mulligan method, manual lymphatic drainage method Vodder, upper limb rehabilitation in the patient with a stroke outcome, various courses on childhood rehabilitation, application of kinesiotaping etc. In February 2022 I decided to also undertake training to become a teacher of infant massage by joining AIMI (Italian Association of Infant Massage) thus taking care more and more of the mother-child dyad.
I also participated in conferences in as speaker, took part in research activities in the neurological field specifically on the rehabilitation of multiple sclerosis at the stroke unit of the Borgo Roma hospital in Verona.

In 2014 with the NOHA association I volunteered on the island of Sal in Cape Verde with the aim of surveying and treating children with motor disabilities as well as holding psychomotor courses for teachers of local kindergartens and elementary schools and future mothers on the management of childbirth and their pelvic floor.

After giving birth in September 2020 in a moment of humanitarian crisis from Covid 19, the desire to do something different than working as an employee has grown in me; I started by reopening the VAT number closed years before due to entry into the health company. Slowly, at a psychologist’s office, I resumed working with a few patients in order to continue to raise my son until June 2021 I had the opportunity to rent a commercial space, do the work and leave with this new adventure called Fisiomed Rehabilitation: a multidisciplinary center in which to insert various professionals related to the world of rehabilitation, with love and passion for their work and dedication to the various problems of patients.

And here on July 5th 2021 the doors of my dream opened, which I hope will continue to give me satisfaction. It was not easy to combine life as a mother, physiotherapist and entrepreneur but I rolled up my sleeves and with strength and determination I came to fulfill my professional ambitions.

For me, the work of a physiotherapist is above all a passion; a real vocation. The therapist-patient relationship is an authentic dualism from the beginning to the end of taking charge / care. It is therefore very important that a relationship of mutual trust is created, to achieve the best possible result. I will conclude by naming the three fundamental conditions of my beautiful job: KNOWING, KNOWING HOW TO DO AND KNOWING TO BE!

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